I am going on hiatus! Also, calling for all fanart!

Hello, my wonderful readers! Your magical comic creator is here to speak about things!

So, I wanted to come on here and say that We Are Here Forever is going to take another hiatus. I'd love to start working on the next chapter immediately, but I'm working to finish the graphic novel! My deadline is coming up soon and I really need to get it done, so I'm going to have to shift my focus entirely on completing the book. Once the book is done, I'll let you guys know and start working on the next chapter. My hiatus will last for approximately 2 months.

Thanks so much for your support! I'll post some fun stuff during this break.

Also! I am going to be posting some fan stuff in the meantime! If you would like to submit any fanart, fanfic, fancomics, poetry, or anything We Are Here Forever to me, I'd love to post it. If you’d like me to include your name and social media, please send all info to me. Please send to wearehereforevercomic@gmail.com and name the subject of your email “Fan Stuff”.

Here are some disclaimers: Please keep in mind that you own all forms of content that you send to me. I will not post your content in any other place other than this website and my tumblr. I will not sell your content in any way. NSFW content will not be posted.

If you would like to see what I’m up to, please follow me on social media! I’m on twitter and instagram as @michellegish

Thanks so much and I'll talk to you guys soon!