We Are Here Forever is now on LINE WEBTOON!

Line_Webtoon copy.jpg

Hello, all!

How have you all been?? I’m doing great! I hope you’re enjoying the chapter so far!

So, I wanted to announce that I am putting We Are Here Forever on WEBTOON! I noticed that there is an awesome community of creators and readers on that platform. Hopefully they will enjoy the comic!

I’m going to upload each page around one day at a time. I might skip some days, but I’ll continue until we are all caught up. Then I’ll start uploading at the same time as all my other platforms.

If you’re trying to find my comic on mobile, search “We Are Here Forever” and it should come up! The same goes for PC/MAC, but here is a link if it helps you guys out:

We Are Here Forever on LINE WEBTOON!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!